Vidvuds Zviedris: Twenty Sixth of September Street

Vidvuds Zviedris: Twenty Sixth of September Street


published in 2018 by Candor Arts

First edition of 100, 9.675 x 8.25 x 1.25 inches

216 pages: photographs, drawings and text printed on an HP Indigo press. Hand-sewn hardbound with black foil on canvas and spine, encased in foil stamped box. Foil stamping and case binding by Candor Arts. Each book individually signed and numbered by the artist.

“On September 15th of 2006 I arrived in Sana’a. I had come to draw. Along with sketch books, I brought a camera and rolls of black & white film. I was to spend the next year, living on 26th of September Street, drawing and photographing a place of unfamiliar beauty.

For ten years these drawings and photographs have sat in a box, not seen by anyone. Now, with a distance of time and still moved by memories of the place, I have decided to open this window into a world so few of us have seen, thought or dreamed of.”

- text from book introduction written by artist Vidvuds Zviedris

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